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                      At Varsity Breaks we are committed to providing you with the best possible sports card breaking experience at competitive prices. Here the customer comes first and loyalty is our number one goal.

                      Purchase Break Spots: https://varsitybreakslive.com/
                      Can't make the live break?: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGfZG-yZ6Cs0sIdPX_rYHxw

                      Want to join our Facebook Coomunity?: https://www.facebook.com/groups/669325867240657/


                      �What is a Random Team Break?
                      A random team break is a break in which all participants receive a random team for their purchased spot. The random is done through random.org, all participants and team names are put into the randomizer and after each get randomized (a number of times determines by the roll of a dice) the random participant is matched up with the random team. All Autos, Relics, Refractors, and Rookies (all but base cards) pulled for that team go to the corresponding participant.
                      What is a PYT (Pick Your Team) Break?
                      As the name suggests a PYT break is a break in which participants pick and purchase the team of their choice (as long as they are available for purchase) based on a predetermined team price. The price is determined base don multiple factors including number of potential hits, values of those hits, and team desirability. The break happens once all teams have been purchased. All Autos, Relics, Refractors, and Rookies (all but base cards) pulled for that team go to the corresponding participant.
                      When will you be live to break?
                      To start, Varsity Breaks will be breaking every Friday Night starting at 6:30 PST and breaks will be run as they fill.
                      Where can I watch the breaks live?
                      You have two options to watch live, see below:
                      YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGfZG-yZ6Cs0sIdPX_rYHxw/
                      Breakers TV: https://breakers.tv/varsitybreaks
                      If I can't make it to the live break where can I watch the recorded video?
                      YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/feed/my_videos
                      Am I guaranteed a card when I purchase a spot?

                      Unfortunately there is no guaranty that all spots in the break will get cards. All cards that are pulled for teams in the break are given to the owner of those teams. However, for larger/more expensive breaks we may incorporate a "bad beat" or "blanked" bonus for those who do not hit.

                      How is it decided how many times teams are randomized in a random team break?

                      There will be a dice roll live on camera. The number must be greater than 2, if it is 2 or less another roll will be required until the total on the dice equals greater than 2.

                      How much is shipping and when can I expect my cards to be shipped?

                      The cost of shipping is included in the break spot price. Varsity Breaks will do it's best to get all items shipped as sson as possible. If for some reason there will be a delay in shipping all participants will be notified prior to the break.

                      What happens if a team or spot is oversold?

                      If a team (PYT) or spots (random) are oversold the oversold spots will be refunded their spot cost in either break credit or Paypal, whichever they prefer.

                      Does Varsity Breaks offer a point system to earn credit for future breaks?

                      Yes, please see "Promotions/Rewards"

                      If I don't get anything in the break am I refunded my money?

                      All purchases are non-refundable with the exception of oversells or cancellations of breaks.

                      When is new product added to the store?

                      Generally new product will be added Saturday, the day after our previous weeks breaks. This will give potential participants plenty of time to grab their sports for the following Friday.

                      BREAK RULES:
                      These first set of rules apply to cards hit within a group break.
                      1. Multi-Player/Team Cards - If a non-insert card has 2+ players featured it will be a random draw to all team owners that appear on the card. The random will be done on random.org and randomized 4 times, no exceptions.
                      Example: If there is a card that features Mahomes/Brady/Rodgers/Manning the card would be a random between the owner of each of the four teams represented on the card.
                      WE DO NOT DO A MAJORITY WINS.
                      2. College / High School uniform - Those cards will go to the team listed on the card or current team. If no team is listed it will go to longest tenured team of the player.
                      3. No Team (Pro for College) - If a card has no team it will be random to the break. In event of a multi player card with a player that doesn't have a team and the other does it will go to the player with a team.

                      4. Point Cards - Will be randomized to the break list.
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                      © 2022 VaughnSoft | Copyright | Terms | Privacy | Game & VCoin Agreement