HowTo: Broadcast with Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2 on Breakers.TV
  1. Download [6.3MB]
  2. Install Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2
  1. Once installed, run Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2
  2. The 'About Product Improvement Program' will pop up
  3. Checkmark 'Don't ask me again' and click 'No, Thank You'
  1. Now, you can change your settings to look almost identical to the image below
  2. Video 'Device' is your camera
  3. Video 'Format' is H.264
  4. Video 'Frame Rate' is 30.00 fps
  5. Video 'Input Size' is 640x360
  6. Video 'Bit Rate' is 650 Kbps
  7. Video 'Output Size' should match Video 'Input Size' (640x360)
  8. Audio 'Device' is your microphone
  9. Audio 'Format' is Mp3
  10. Audio 'Channels' is Stereo
  11. Audio 'Sample Rate' is 44100 Hz
  12. Audio 'Bit Rate' is 128 Kbps
  13. Audio 'Volume' is 75% by default. Adjust as needed
  14. 'FMS URL' is rtmp://
  15. 'Stream' is your stream key (found under My Account -> Edit Channel)
  16. Uncheck 'Save to File'
  17. Click 'Start' to begin your broadcast