HowTo: Chat Commands
Want your own custom Vaughn Command?
  • /clear
    Clears chat for everyone
  • /gueston
    Turns Guest Chat on, this allows those not logged in to chat. Guest Chat is off by default.
  • /guestoff
    Turns Guest Chat off.
  • /bans
    Lists the usernames banned in the channel
  • /mods
    Lists the usernames that are Mods in the channel
  • /unmodall
    Removes Mod status from all that are Mods in the channel
  • /unbanall
    Removes bans from all that are banned in the channel
  • /invite
    Invites your friends that are online and in chat to the channel you type the command in.
  • /ban nameofuser
    Bans nameofuser permanently from channel
  • /mute nameofuser
    Mutes nameofuser for five minutes in channel
  • /unban nameofuser
    Unbans/Unmutes nameofuser in channel