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HowTo: Frequently Asked Questions
  • Is Breakers.TV free?
    Yes! And it always will be!
  • Do I need software to cast here?
    No! You can use our built in "MvnCaster" by clicking the "Go LIVE Now" button at the top of the page.
  • What is a "Stream Key" and where do I find it?
    A Stream Key is code that allows you to use various broadcast software to cast. You can find it, and the RTMP URL (aka FMS URL,) under My Account -> Edit Channel
  • There appears to be a delay on my cast. Why?
    If you are watching your own channel while casting, you will notice a 2-5 second delay, or longer, depending on your computer and internet connection. This is normal and different for everyone.
  • How do I change my username color in chat?
    Click the gear icon under chat and click on a color
  • Who are MissScruffy and Mark?
    MissScruffy is our Community Manager. She handles user and channel reports, as well as various other tasks across the community.

    Mark is the owner and creator of this site.
  • What is Staff, Crew & Tech?
    Staff, Crew & Tech, with the exception of MissScruffy and Mark, are volunteers that help and encourage people in our community. They do not enforce site rules nor do they moderate rooms.
  • What is a Tech?
    We have a group of dedicated volunteers that handle technical questions, such as help with casting and troubleshooting broadcast issues.
  • Why does it log me out when I click on someones Profile?
    The profiles are on a separate website, although they share the same user database.
  • What other sites do you run?
    MyVaughn ( is the core of our services, which is why your profiles are located there.

    Breakers.TV ( (

    iNSTAGIB (

    We keep social and gaming separate.
  • Why is the site our profiles are on so buggy?
    We built that site in a hurry shortly before the launch of Vaughn Live and hasn't been updated since.
  • What is this [vn] person in chat?
    [vn] (aka Vaughn) is the resident Chat Bot. You can play games, check weather and other cool things with him. If he is not in your channel, please contact Staff or Crew.
  • What are Global Messages in chat?
    We like to keep everyone informed via Global Messages in chat. These messages are sent by Staff and may contain important information regarding the site or an important message. Every channel receives Global Messages simultaneously to ensure we reach everyone actively participating on the site at that moment.
  • What does Ban, Purge and Mute do in chat?
    These are commands only the Caster and their Mods can use.

    Ban = kicks and permanently blocks user from the channel

    Purge = removes the chat a user has typed in the channel

    Mute = prevents user from chatting in the channel for five minutes

    You can reverse a Ban & Mute by clicking the Unban or Unmute buttons, or by typing the following into chat: /unban nameofuser
  • Do you have video archives?
    Yes, all broadcasts are archived and stored for up to 24 hours. Currently, only the Caster can download their archives.
  • What are VCoins?
    VCoins (or Vaughn Coins) are our virtual currency for playing chat games using the Vaughn Chat Bot. To see what games can be played, type the following into a channel with the Chat Bot: !games
  • How do you handle Copyright issues?
    We are fully DMCA compliant. If you are a Copyright owner or represent a Copyright owner and have found a violation of your Copyright on our site, please file a DMCA Takedown notice through the proper channels. Instructions on how to do so are available at
  • Is there a Co-Host feature?
    The Co-Host feature will be returning soon!
  • Do you have a iOS/Android app?
    Currently, no. However, you can use the Puffin Browser to access our sites from your mobile device.
  • Can I broadcast from my iPhone or Android?
    There is a third party app available called Wowza GoCoder which works with our video servers.
  • Is there a directory to browse or search for channels?
    Click the "Browse" button at the top of the page to view all of our LIVE streams and categories!
  • What does "Vaughn" mean and where did that name come from?
    Vaughn is the last name of the creator and owner of Breakers.TV: Mark Vaughn
  • Can I access chat via an IRC client?
    IRC access will soon be available via our VIP package.