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                      ALTERNATIVELY YOU CAN WATCH LIVE ON YOUTUBE RIGHT NOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGkXXjGA3AU

                      Big Hit Island is a division of FriendlyBoxBreaks.

                      Welcome to the Island, mostly memorabilia, all fun!

                      Come sit down and have a look!

                      Purchase a spot at www.BigHitIsland.com

                      now in stock:

                      Cheap Shots Multi Sport boxes

                      Legendary Mystery Box autographed Baseball Jerseys
                      Legendary Mystery Box autographed Basketball Jerseys
                      Legendary Mystery Box autographed Football Jerseys
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                      Tristar Football Mystery Mini Helmets

                      Leaf Autographed Baseball Bats

                      For any customer service needs please contact:

                      [email protected]


                      [email protected]

                      We hope that you enjoy your experience here at the Island. Enjoy the big hits! If you pull a big hit we will feature it on our website! Please let us know any suggestions that you may have in what you'd like to see for memorabilia!

                      Proud partner of the FRIENDLY network!

                      We are a "group box break" website, where we offer an affordable way to collect the memorabilia that you love by buying into boxes and cases at a much cheaper cost than having to buy the entire box or case. Our breaks take place 7 days a week all day and all night.

                      Our customers receive an email shipping confirmation every time you have a package that gets shipped, and if you pull a monster hit, we send your package "signature required. We ship well packaged in boxes, and you can reach our shipping department via email at [email protected] or [email protected] .

                      We do a few different break types:

                      Pick Your Team Breaks:: This type of break is where you may buy a specific team in a specified break.

                      Random Breaks: This type of break is where you may bid/buy a spot in a specified break and your spot will be randomized to see which team you will be assigned.

                      Randomization: When you purchase a spot in a break you randomly get assigned a team. If you purchase two spots, you get assigned two teams, and so on.To determine what team or teams that will be assigned to you, we put all names/spots into random.org. If you own more than one spot, then your name will go into random.org with the corresponding amount of spots that you own. (For example, if you bought 5 spots in the break, your name will go into random.org 5 different times. We randomize the name order 7 times on random.org. We then copy and paste the names into a spreadsheet along side of the teams (32 teams for NFL, 30 for MLB, and 30 for NBA) that are listed in Alphabetical order (City/State/Locale first). We do this randomization LIVE on webcam, this is not pre-recorded. Please view the website video tutorial to see how your team is randomized.

                      Shipping: We ship free of charge.

                      Popular Player, no team specified: If we pull a hit with a popular player, but no team is specified, the hit will go the team in which the guy played the most career years. For example. if we pull a Gary Carter, but no team specified, we can look and see Gary Carter played for the Expos 1974-1984, Mets 1985-1989, Giants 1990, Dodgers 1991, and Expos 1992. A non specified team Gary Carter card would go the Expos (now the Nationals). If a tie exists on years that a guy played for, the tie will be broken by total games played for. PLEASE NOTE: An inscription that identifies a team/year will overide this rule. For example, an Andre Dawson autographed bat that states 1987 N.L. MVP will go to the Cubs even though his longest tenure is with the Expos, because the inscription related to the year he played for the Cubs.

                      Negro League: If we pull a negro league hit in which no MLB team is specified on the hit, the hit will go to the MLB team that the player played the most years for using a google search. If he did not play on an MLB team, the card will be random'd.

                      Helmets/Mini Helmets/Jerseys: College PLAYERS with no NFL team go to the "college/non nfl spot", College players with an NFL team go to the NFL TEAMS SPOT (i.e. Adrian Peterson Oklahoma goes to Vikings), college coaches go to the college spot. Guys with an NFL team that have played for multiple teams, goes to the team he played the most games with.

                      Golf Scorecards: If a scorecard is pulled, the card goes to the Scorecard PLAYERS signature on the scorecard meaning the scorecard owners card not the witness. This card does not go to random. Card does not go to the opponents signature, but the card goes to the scorecard guys signature. (this is for GOLF scorecards)

                      GroupBreakChecklist.com: This is the default site that we use to determine what team a card goes to in case of a question. If the product is not listed on GroupBreakChecklist, then our next default is CardboardConnection.com .

                      Coaches Memorabilia Items: If a coach memorabilia item or card is pulled, it will go to the team represented on the card /item. If the item has no identifying NFL logos or team names, It will be awarded to the longest tenured NFL team. In the case of a player / coach items, these will be awarded to the longest tenure coached or team played for.

                      Example: Chuck Noll Played for Browns but would be awarded to the Steelers due to coaching tenure.

                      Example: Barry Switzer was never a NFL player but would be awarded to the Cowboys due to coaching NFL tenure. A Barry Switzer Oklahoma Helmet would go to the Cowboys in a NFL break unless there was a college team specified in the break.

                      Breaks will always be live on Breakers.tv and our YouTube channel and Uploaded to YouTube upon completion of the break.

                      We are HONEST, FAIR, and FRIENDLY!
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                      © 2022 VaughnSoft | Copyright | Terms | Privacy | Game & VCoin Agreement