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                      All About The Breaks Sports Cards offers live group and personal breaks. We offer breaks that cater to all budget sizes. Our website is NOW LIVE!!! https://allaboutthebreaks.com/ Go directly to the site to get your spots. We also have break spots available for sale in our Ebay Store(see link below). All Breaks will be be scheduled in the order that they fill. Let's have some fun and pull some MONSTERS!!!

                      We are just getting started so we welcome any feedback or suggestions you may have to make your experience better.

                      Please see FAQ below and feel free to message or email us with any questions.


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                      LIVE GROUP BREAKS – Live group breaks are a fun, exciting and less expensive way to hunt for monster hits. There are many different break styles. Random team, division, serial number or player are just a few examples. Some breaks have specific teams that you can purchase. Draft style break is when you pick your card(s) at the end of the break based on randomization for draft slots. All of these break types are the most popular break styles, but the are many more. The great part, is that you can decide which break styles are the most fun for you and choose your purchases based on your personal preference.

                      BREAK DETAILS
                      • What am I purchasing? This listing is for the purchase of one spot in a live group break. Depending on the break style (break style noted in the listing title), you will be purchasing a randomly selected spot or a specific spot in a specific live group break (also listed in the title).
                      • How does the randomization work? For all random spot style breaks the spots will be randomized live on RandomDotOrg just prior to the break.
                      • Am I guaranteed a card? There are no guarantees that a card from your spot will be pulled from the break. There are some break styles where a hit is guaranteed for all spots. These types breaks will be specified in the listing. Generally draft style spots will be a hit per spot type of break.
                      • Do all cards ship? We offer free shipping. The listing description will provide this information and may be indicated by “all cards ship” or no “veteran base ships”. Generally in base heavy product only hits, SP’s, variations, parallel’s and RC’s ship. Please refer to the item description.
                      • What is considered a hit? Generally the product sheet will determine what is considered a hit. In most cases a hit is any autograph or memorabilia card. In some cases low numbered variations or parallel’s may be considered a hit.
                      • What happens if there are multiple players or teams on one card(hits)? The card will be randomized 3 times (live on randomdotorg) to all break spots that are noted on the card. The card will always be randomized unless all parties agree to a deal. (a non hit card with multiple players or teams will always go to the first team or player noted on the front of the card from left to right or top to bottom.
                      • How many spots can I purchase? As many spots as are available. In theory you could purchase all spots. In which case we could just ship you the unopened product if you choose.
                      • How is a card identified? The card will go to the player or team represented and stated on the card and product checklist. If no team is represented on the card or checklist, the card will go to the team of longest tenure for that player.
                      • How can I view the break? The break will be aired live on our youtube channel (All About The Breaks Sports Cards). The video of the break will also be posted on our youtube channel if you are unable to watch live.
                      • When will the break take place? The break will be scheduled once all spots are filled. A notice of the break date will be emailed to your registered paypal or credit card email address prior to the break.
                      The Boring, But Important Details
                      • Spots purchased must be paid for immediately. If the spot is not paid for prior to the break your spot will be forfeited.
                      • Unfortunately, E-checks are NOT an acceptable form of payment as they can take up to 2 weeks to clear.
                      • There are no returns for group break purchases.
                      • California customers may be subject to sales tax.
                      • Free shipping within the U.S. only.
                      Always feel free to message us with any questions or suggestions on how to make your experience better.
                      © 2021 VaughnSoft | Copyright | Terms | Privacy | Game & VCoin Agreement
                      © 2021 VaughnSoft | Copyright | Terms | Privacy | Game & VCoin Agreement