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                      Welcome to 643BoxBreaks.com on Breakers.tv

                      All our breaks are purchased with PayPal through our site below

                      --Our Philosophy--

                      643 is different than most Box Break sites because we do our Box Breaks as a Hobby and not a Business. Because of this philosophy, we offer our Case Breaks and Buy-it-Now Box Breaks as cheap as we possibly can for our Members and we give back excess auction profit in prizes. We break mostly Hockey Products.

                      --Our Box Breakers--

                      643 Box Breakers are a group of trusted individuals located across Canada. We hold our Breakers to extremely high standards. Since we started our website in 2011, we have done well over 4,000 Box Breaks for our Members! We offer all of our Box Breaks as Live Broadcasts.

                      Mike - A.K.A. Subterfuge

                      Location: Ontario
                      Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/SubterfugeHockey
                      Bonuses: Cash Darts Tuesday. Darts Mega Cricket Loyalty Reward program.
                      Mikes Cash Darts or Big Point Standings: http://643boxbreak.com/cricket.html
                      Cricket Thread: http://***/1Wb8l2J
                      Mikes Checklist Website: http://www.breakninja.com/
                      Mikes Ebay Breaks (Same bonuses as 643): http://ebay.to/2klyaAD

                      PJ - A.K.A. Bluenoze87

                      Location: Alberta
                      Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQaxQOldbhLTxbADjgCKAXg
                      Bonuses: Word Puzzle, No Hit bonus and many more
                      Kick in the Pants Bonus Tracker: http://***/243E9pw
                      Current Prizes: http://***/1sMxh4V
                      Support bonus: http://***/1sx5Zyx
                      Spell and Win Bonus: http://643boxbreakers.com/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=3819

                      Tyler - A.K.A. Teeks643 - A.K.A. The Godfather

                      Location: Manitoba
                      Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/teeks643
                      Bonuses: Prize Wheel Spins. Drafts for Huge Prizes.

                      Zac - A.K.A. Eldonko - A.K.A. HatTrick

                      Location: Alberta
                      Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/user/hattricksportscards9
                      Bonuses: Plinko Board. Trivia every Wednesday night.
                      Bonus Tracker: http://***/20ojuM1

                      --Buy-it-Now Box Breaks--

                      Every single night at 643 we offer cheap Team Buy-it-Now listings.

                      At 10 Pm Central we start listing Single Boxes here:

                      Case Breaks can be found here:

                      Multi box or Premium Boxes are here:

                      If you are interested in finding out when these BIN Breaks will be listed every evening, follow the link below to take you to the BIN Thread in on the message board. A message is posted every evening once Auctions finish with details on when the BIN will be posted and which product it is.


                      If you subscribe to the BIN thread by clicking the "Subscribe Topic" link at the bottom of the page, you will be notified of upcoming BIN Box Breaks by email.

                      --Auction Box Breaks--

                      We also offer Auction-Style Box Breaks that are chalk full of Extra Bonus Prizes and fun Bonus Games that you will not find anywhere else. In every Auction-Style break at 643 you will find Bonuses such as Team Refunds, Bonus Packs, Free teams in upcoming Breaks, Bonus Patch Cards, as well as even bigger prizes such as Factory Sealed Boxes, Autographed Pucks, and more!

                      --Supporting Important Causes, Over $12.000 Raised So Far!--

                      At 643 we periodically do fundraising Box Breaks to support causes that are important to us. Examples of Past Breaks that we have done:

                      * $300.00 donated to the Wounded Warrior Project (in support of 643 Member All4Kines)
                      * $1,000.00 donated to the Cystic Fibrosis (in support of 643 Member bluenoze87 and his son Nash)
                      * $352.86 donated to Prostate Cancer Research (in support of 643 Member shanedawg2k12)
                      * $1000.00 donated to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (in support of 643 Member Thresh44)
                      * $2120.64 donated to the Cystic Fibrosis (in support of 643 Member bluenoze87 and his son Nash)

                      1 cent from every listing sold at 643BoxBreaks.com also goes to support Childrens Education in Zambia through the Seeds of Hope Childrens Ministry.

                      -FREE Bonus Box Breaks--

                      At 643 we are constantly offering absolutely Free Box Breaks for our Members. For every Box Break that we do at 643, $2 is set aside for a Bonus Prize Pot. Once this Prize Pot Fills up, we use it to offer Free Breaks and Prizes for our Top Members over the past month or so.

                      Current Top 30 Free Breaks Standings are here: http://643boxbreaks.com/topmembers.php?cat=198

                      Visit our auction site for current box break listings. Register on our forum and discuss card collecting, trade propositions and show off some of your favorite cards.

                      We have a number of Members who enjoy collecting with their kids so we ask that you use PG-rated language in chat to keep the atmosphere family-friendly.

                      Our auction site is at:

                      Our Forum Message board is at:

                      Forum Bonus Tracker Section: http://***/20ojuM1

                      Not sure what team you like? Check out breakninja.com - A Very popular and fast loading product checklist site with Hit Counts and sorted into teams:

                      If you have any questions at all, please feel free to email Tyler: 643BoxBreaks #060 gmail.com
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                      © 2021 VaughnSoft | Copyright | Terms | Privacy | Game & VCoin Agreement